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In Fedora, basically, users have to launch .jar programs by using terminal with the following command:

java -jar fileName.jar
This method is simple, applying for all Linux OS including Fedora, however, It is not convenient. Then now, I’ll show you another solution

#1. Go to /home/yoursUser/.local/share/applications/

You can see many file here,  this is what you will see, when you choose to open your application with

#2. Make a new file, I name it as run-jar.desktop
The content of this file is:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=java -jar %f

#3. Now In your file browser (ex: nautilus), go to the directory which has your .jar file. Right click on that file, choose open with. I will see a table which lists all capable open with application, which should include a option named “run-jar”

Choose it and set it as default option. Next time, when you double click on this file or any similar file (.jar). It will launch automatically.

If it does not work, let give a luck by restarting your computer!

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